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Key Takeaways

  • Our forum is organized by county, so you can meet up with seniors and early retirees near you.
  • Discuss retirement topics, socialize, meet up, or view top posts.
  • There is a category for early retirees and members of the FIRE movement.

How can I make money posting?

  • Post quality content on our forum – top post authors are added to a pool and can win money. There are monthly winners of $100.
  • You can also refer a friend and get paid for doing so. Your name is added to a list and there are monthly winners of $100.

How to Signup

  • Signup is easy. Just click the register link, enter your email and password. We will send you a confirmation link.

How do I get notified of new posts?

  • Hit the subscribe button on any area you want to be notified on (your county, top posts, etc.)
  • You will get an email every time there are new posts to the section you subscribe to.

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