Retirement Strategies that Actually Work (#1 Best seller on Kindle & AppleBooks)
To retire comfortably, you will need to generate high monthly income with low risk – so you don’t outlive your savings. This is difficult to do. Dividend stocks are risky, bonds pay little, while annuities charge high fees.

A strategy gaining popularity is investing in “covered calls”. Covered calls allow you to generate high monthly income, with lower risk on lower savings. They used to be complex to understand; but with NEW investments coming to market – it is now as easy as buying a stock.

As a finance veteran, I teach you simple strategies to invest in covered calls, so you can retire early. No financial background required. I also reveal a SIMPLE “set it and forget it” covered call strategy that helps you generate high monthly income with low risk + low fees + growth: perfect for retirees and early retirees.

What you will learn:

  • Why covered calls are rapidly growing in popularity as a retirement income strategy.
  • The 3 best covered calls to retire on.
  • A NEW (SIMPLE) set-it-and-forget-it covered call investment that provides high monthly income + downside protection + growth + low fees; perfect for retirees and early-retirees with low savings

About Retirement Monthly Income

We match retirees with our “vetted” advisors who specialize in retirement monthly income strategies. Generate higher monthly income with lower risk.