401K withdrawal strategies for early retirement


Key Takeaways: Taking money out of a 401K before 59 1/2  is not recommended and can be costly. If you must withdraw money from 401K before retirement – there are steps you can take to not pay the 10% penalty. The CARES Act allows you to withdraw up to $100,000 from your 401K in certain […]

Top 10 social security tips that will impact your monthly income

top 10 social security tips

Key Takeaways: There are 2728 rules in the social security handbook. It’s on you to make sure you make the right social security decisions for your family. A mistake is often irreversible; though you can stop and restart taking benefits – if you do make a mistake. Below are the top 10 social security tips […]

Maximize Social Security Income With These 6 Tools


Key Takeaways: Figuring out when to apply for Social security can be complex, with hundreds of rules in the handbook. Every situation is different, and using the right tools will help create a withdrawal strategy that maximizes your monthly income. We show you the 6 best tools to use to maximize your social security income. […]