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Here’s what’s possible when investing for high monthly income


Annual Returns

Generate monthly income on your savings using covered calls.

+ Growth

Tracks SP500 index

Live off the monthly income plus get growth on top - so you never have to touch the principal.

+ Low Risk + Low Fees

Beta = 0.6 (Lower risk than Sp500)

Lower risk than the Sp500 index (Beta = 1.0) plus low fees of only 0.36 bps

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How to retire early

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Generating safe retirement income on your savings is difficult. Dividend investing is risky, annuities charge high fees, bonds pay little.
A strategy gaining popularity is “covered calls”. In simple terms “covered calls” are options to generate income. They used to be complex to understand; but with NEW investments on the market - it is now as easy as buying a stock. With covered calls you can generate high retirement income, with low risk.

What You Will Learn
1. Why covered calls are rapidly growing in popularity as a retirement income strategy.
2. The 3 best covered calls to retire on.
3. A NEW (SIMPLE) set-it-and-forget-it covered call investment that provides high monthly income + downside protection + growth + low fees; perfect for retirees and early-retirees with low savings.


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